MetaPhysica Empirica IV is a consolidator of the developments in I, II and III and is a precursor for the New Developments in V and VI before the Resolution in MetaPhysica Empirica VII


MetaPhysica Empirica IV is dedicated to the memory of William Slocombe Lennox born in Boston,Mass. USA , a 21 Year old hero and victim of the 1st World War.

Metaphysica Empirica IV is a central composition in the series.

Metaphysica Empirica IV is a compositional development form.






IV is the crux of Zeisis





IV is able to separate production areas for related applications









IV can transfer sections of its structure for support in production processes






IV is a prime form of the in-sound control of system development with Supera





IV De-Structurimg to broaden AX1s

IV Frames Spiritual-Unity
IV makes a move in the process of the Spiritual Structure