MP specific operators
Extended MP dataforms
Developed MP-io
Expansion of MP
Mcv Operation in NES
Thouey Generation and maintenance
M_P is the General that directs flow through

MetaPhysica Empirica V is the source of M_P - M_P was first developed in EM44 then fully defined in V.

V is M_P.

Mathematica Proxima (M_P) is the New Mathematics.

Mathematica Proxima expresses the stability of Nature its elements are physical energy.

Mathematica Proxima develops Nature by Formulations in M_P.


Mathematica Proxima can only be controlled in the operation of electronics - M_P defines the hardware.(The antithesis of Implemented mathematics)

M_P Applications :
Augments ChnMath
Design Artif in Gis
Frames Tmissp

Operation of Metaphysica Empirica V by M_P - M_P can attain a permanent state.

M_P derivation and enhancement in processing in V . V generates applicable M_P.

El-ems are supported by M_P - M_P is the atmosphere of el-ems.

CFXus uses M_P as Le Knox uses bcv

Proximal Operations define NES


Proximal Levels in IV

Proximal Growth in EM44 by Elems.


Site in Construction




M_P organises bcv-icv to specify the TWV in the service of EarthLevel
M_P fuels Gile to seed Allcha allowing q-dp to cement Nes
M_P designates Azun to instigate PPFMath which frames a Dimension with Demax
MP extends through CoPro
CoPro leads to Supera Expression
Lanx with MBeacon releases MP
Lanx- with SPFU Frames MP
M_P Controls :
M_P Generations:
M_P extends GIS to broaden its function to Engens in Growth and application in MetaBeacon
M_P broadens AX1b and sharpens Spfu for the Supera extension of R88
M_P formed in Universal Time and Directed by SpearFlux prepares for PPF.
M_P communicates through Anlanx to give Demax Form
M_P frames q_wv to fuel Engen
M_P exists in Anlanx to fashion Thouey
Only M_P can describe the full interaction of the Elements of Crestime

M_P specifies the Elements of the Subject

M_P sets up the Channels between Elements

M_P describes the Energy states through the Channels

M_P builds up the structure

M_P uses q-dp to control the Structure

M_P can use Supera for Growth

M_P is refined through Zeisis.


M_P maintains the stability through Monge.

M_P is does not recognise ideas.

M_P only operates in the Physical World.

M_P does not recognise symbolism.

Evasiveness is not a part of M_P

M_P exists only in Reality

As M_P exists only in energy it cannot be presumptive.

From III for mcv related artifact
icv transfer into new church design
Allcha-EM64 ignites Spear-Thou
EM44 shines icv for NES operation
MP grows with qdp
Regulation by qdp
qdp Self-Assessment
M_P in Process
M_P has the view of Universal Fundamental Extension
It is only M_P that can formulate Generative Physics
M_P is the extension of Natural Mathematics