Chn-Math Process of DeCreation
Elems as CFXu's revel in De-Creation
De-Creation is primarily the process of reducing to the next level
De-Creation is the reduction of systems to co-processes
De-Creation is a central system-tool to MetaPhysica Empirica
De-Creation is a function in Elems
De-Creation has a broad application in Law-in-Space.
De-Creation is the reduction of co-processes to Elems
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De-Creation can also involve the transference into the realm of another system
De-Creation heightens Spiritual-Unity
Cradlx Frames DeCreation
The Strands of DeCreation
SphereX broadens DC
Cradlx forms MBthreads
MB-THou directs DeCreation
Thouar-BB is de-creation
Supera applies DeCreation
Bocas supplies Elems
Zeisis gives outline
DeCreation deepens Transformation in Crestime
SpearFlux triggers ucv-odeon
Gile dispels mcv-sphere
DeCreation uses sheens to generate Value in Spirituality
icv-Odeon appears
DeCreation conjures Fragments for the Structure of Spirituality